Clear Bra Installation, Houston, TX

We can perform clear bra installation service on any make or model.

When you drive on any road, your vehicle is susceptible to damage that can leave it looking a little worse for the wear. Certain areas of the vehicle are more susceptible to damage, including the lower fascia, front lower part of the vehicle, and lower rocker panels. These tend to take a lot of abuse when you’re on the road, although other parts of the vehicle can also be impacted by flying debris. Protecting the exterior of your car is a great way to protect your investment and keep it looking great, even when you drive every day. The addition of a clear bra may be the solution you’ve been looking for when it comes to paint protection.

Clear Bra Installation in Houston, Texas

Clear bra is a clear film product that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to provide an extra layer of protection against everyday driving hazards and the ensuing damage. If something hits the part of the car that’s covered by the film, that piece of debris won’t cause the paint to chip or flake. Since it’s clear, the product isn’t visible at first glance.

Your car will look the same after the clear bra installation is complete, but you’ll know that it’s better protected. When properly maintained, a clear bra can add value to a vehicle and prevent the need to repaint or repair the front end of the car every few years due to damage. Here in Houston, Texas, our team at Zenith Auto Works Texas offers clear bra installation. We can perform clear bra installation service on any make or model.