Clear Bra, Houston, TX

If you are looking for the strongest paint protection on the market for your vehicle, our clear bra film is a great choice.

When it comes to protecting your vehicle from road debris, bird droppings, dirt, rock chips and other challenges, our clear bra film protects your vehicle with the strongest paint protection on the market. Here at Zenith Auto Works Texas, we are proud to serve the area near Houston, Texas as paint protection specialists who are XPEL Paint Protection Film certified.

Clear Bra in Houston, Texas

We use XPEL clear bra films because of their superior 3-layer construction:

  • 1.1 mils acrylic adhesive layer: The foundation of the film is a powerful adhesive that creates a chemical-resistant strong bond that stands up over time.
  • 6.0 mils polyurethane layer: This layer is energy absorbent, reducing the likelihood of scratches and chips from small impacts like flying rocks.
  • 0.5 mils clearcoat layer: The lop layer creates a high-gloss finish that is resistant to chemicals and self-healing. This makes your vehicle easier to clean and maintain.

Once you have chosen XPEL clear bra film for your vehicle, you will just need to decide how much of your vehicle to cover in it. You can go with the budget-friendly option and just protect key areas that are more likely to experience frequent impacts with options like partial coverage or high impact 4-door coverage, or you can protect your whole vehicle from bumper to bumper.

We have years of experience with clear bra films and other vehicle protection products like ceramic coatings. We are passionate about protecting vehicles from the everyday hazards of the road and want to help keep your vehicle looking as beautiful as it did the day you bought it. Call today to learn more or get a quote.


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