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Our car paint protection film can be adjusted to your preferences and budget to protect your vehicle.

Are you looking for car paint protection for your vehicle in or near Houston, Texas? If you are, you are in the right place. Here at Zenith Auto Work Texas, we specialize in a variety of vehicle protection methods, including car paint protection film and ceramic coatings for cars, among other services. When you choose car paint protection, you can rest assured that your car will be better prepared to face any flying road debris that might come its way, from a kicked-up rock to bird droppings and more.

Car Paint Protection in Houston, Texas

Car paint protection film adds layers of protection that your car’s initial coats of primer, paint and clear coat just can’t provide. We are XPEL Paint Protection Film certified. This superior 3-layer product features a 1.1 mils acrylic adhesive layer at the bottom, a 6.0 mils polyurethane layer in the middle and a 0.5 mils clearcoat layer on top. Together, these layers create a self-healing high-gloss finish that is chemical resistant. It is also energy absorbent, making scratches and chips less likely during vehicle operation.

Once you decide to invest in car paint protection, you will need to decide which layer of protection meets your preferences and budget. The partial package covers the areas most likely to get damaged by road debris, like the front area of the vehicle. The high-impact 4-door package provides protection where you need it most around the door areas. The full front 4-door package gives even more protection with the entire front of the vehicle protected. For the highest level of protection, consider the full-vehicle option.

To learn more about our car paint protection options or to get a quote, give us a call today.