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Stop worrying about road debris with our paint protection film.

Paint protection film, also referred to as PPF, is a product that puts a layer of protection between your vehicle and the many things that can diminish its appearance. If you have ever gone down the road and heard that stomach-lurching ping of a pebble made airborne from the vehicle ahead of you, you might wonder if there is a way to just smile with confidence that it didn’t just leave a ding on your vehicle. We have good news—there is, thanks to paint protection film!

Paint Protection Film in Houston, TX

At Zenith Auto Works Texas, we are XPEL paint protection film certified. XPEL paint protection film is a three-layer product with a 0.5 mils clearcoat layer that is self-healing, chemical resistant, and provides a high-gloss finish; a 6.0 mils polyurethan layer that is energy absorbent to lessen scratch and chips from road debris; and a 1.1 mils acrylic adhesive that provides a strong bond that is chemical resistant.


We offer various options for installing XPEL paint protection film. You can choose to do only the front bumper, headlights, fog lights, and side mirrors with our entry level package. A partial front package covers these areas, as well as the front portion of the hood. The full front package covers the entire hood and both front fenders, in addition to the previously mentioned areas. The high-impact package also includes the rear bumper deck, rear splash guards, A-pillars, rockers, and roof valence. The highest protection is attained with the full vehicle package, which goes on to include the roof, doors, full pillars, and rear bumper.

If you would like to know more about paint protection film and get a quote for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at our Houston, Texas shop.


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