What Does it Mean to be XPEL Paint Protection Film Certified?

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Here at Zenith Auto Works Texas, we are proud to be XPEL paint protection film certified. But, if you don’t have much experience in the industry, you might not really know what that means. XPEL is best known for their superior, industry-leading paint protection film, but they offer a wide array of products for protecting watercraft, homes and offices, too.

What Does it Mean to be XPEL Paint Protection Film Certified?

To become a certified XPEL paint protection film installer, we had to attend their training courses, which are also rated as the best in the industry. These multi-day trainings are carefully designed to give attendees the information, materials and tools needed to expertly install XPEL’s products. Each attendee receives a training manual, hands-on training in a small class (usually four students and one instructor) and access to their Design Access Program (DAP) software. Introductory instruction on paint and headlamp film installation is available, as well as a class specifically about advanced paint protection film installation techniques.

Once you are XPEL paint protection film certified, you have access to the DAP software as needed, which contains the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of vehicle patterns (over 80,000). You also have access to 24-hour support and assistance from XPEL, which means that you have their expert advice any time you need it while working with their products.

Superior products deserve exceptional installation services, and that is exactly what you will find when you come to us for your paint protection film needs. We have the experience, tools and support needed to protect your vehicle from the challenges of the road.