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We are your source for certified Ceramic Pro products.

If you are looking for ceramic coating options to better protect your vehicle in or near Houston, Texas, you probably already know the name Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Pro has established itself as one of the premier options for better protecting the surfaces of your car, and this company has developed a wide range of vehicle protection products – from paint and wheel coatings to protection for your car’s interior.

Ceramic Pro in Houston, Texas

Here at Zenith Auto Works Texas, we are proud to be Ceramic Pro certified. We have years of experience with car protection products and can discuss your protection goals for your vehicle and your budget and help you find the perfect package of Ceramic Pro products to meet your needs. When your new vehicle left the factory and headed to the dealership, it had a primer coat, a base coat and a clear topcoat for protection. This clear coat does not provide permanent protection, leaving your vehicle vulnerable to paint fading, oxidation and an overall diminished appearance over time.

This is where Ceramic Pro can better protect your vehicle. This transparent ceramic coating can be layered multiple times for extreme protection. The hydroponic properties of a Ceramic Pro coating even make keeping your car clean easier and stress-free. It can be used on any type of vehicle, including motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, cars and more.

Ceramic Pro has gone beyond just protecting paint. They offer a glass coating with advanced nanotechnology. You can use their products to protect your vehicle’s interior, whether you have plastic, leather or even fabric surfaces. They are so confident in their products that they come with industry-leading warranties. Give us a call today to learn more or to get a quote.