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Protect your car inside and out with our superior ceramic coatings for cars.

Ceramic coatings for cars are not added by the manufacturer. When new cars leave the factory where they were assembled and head to the dealerships where they are sold, they generally only have a primer layer, a base coat and a clear coat applied. This clear coat provides temporary protection to your vehicle’s paint, but as the protection fades, your paint is likely to fade and oxidize, diminishing the appearance of your vehicle and making it harder to clean and maintain, as well as more likely to scratch and chip.

Ceramic Coatings for Cars in Houston, Texas

There are different types of ceramic coatings for cars, and here at Zenith Auto Works Texas, we specialize in all of them. We are proud to be Ceramic Pro certified, and we can provide all the following types of ceramic coatings on your vehicle in or near Houston, Texas:

  • Exterior paint ceramic coating: Protecting your paint maintains the appearance of your car over time, and it also protects your paint from everyday challenges like bird droppings, road debris, dirt and dust. Multiple layers of ceramic coating on your car’s paint can better protect it.
  • Glass ceramic coating: Glass coating uses advanced nanotechnology to protect your windows and windshields from scratches and chips.
  • Interior ceramic coating: We often forget that the interior of vehicles faces challenges as well. The excessive heat that frequently builds up in your car can dry out the surfaces, leading to cracking and fading. UV rays also damage these surfaces. Ceramic Pro has coatings for all types of interior vehicle surfaces, including plastic, leather and even fabric.

To learn more about the options we have available for ceramic coatings for cars, give us a call today.


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