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From childhood passion to one of the best paint protection companies in the area.

As a young boy, our owner, Mario, adored building cars with his father, especially doing paint correction and cosmetic repair on classic cars. He didn’t know it then, but that was going to come back to mind years later after being in the U.S. Navy and gaining a degree in aerospace engineering.

About Zenith Auto Works Texas in Houston, Texas

When the traveling and other pressures of being an engineer began to take their toll, Mario remembered how passionate he once was about cars. With the mindset of a scientist and engineer, he was quite impressed with what a ceramic coating could do to a vehicle and decided to quit being an engineer and open Zenith Auto Works Texas. The going was rough at first, but with dedication, patience, and hard work, he was able to take his love for cars and his love for the engineering process and how it related to preserving the work of art that a car truly is, and build our company to the success it is today.

We started out in a one-car garage in an apartment complex, and then grew in popularity to need two, then three, then four garages. Before long, it was obvious this was working out just fine, and we moved to our current location with enough room to safely store and work on up to 10 vehicles at a time. We are proud to be one of the best paint protection facilities in Houston, Texas. Reach out today to find out what makes us your best choice for protecting the investment you have in your vehicle.